Welcome to the galaxy!

Elementa is an original setting created by Vinh Tsan and has been an ongoing development for almost seven years. It is a place for you to come and role play in a galaxy of the same name with a story that spans across five seasons, where each season has their own plot and a certain amount of chapters for you to complete which will eventually make your character the hero of that time.

The galaxy is located at the centre of the universe and has twelve solar systems. It was the first to be established since the Big Bang and has its own timescale, where one year there is one million years here on our planet. Each of the solar systems have their own main planet with a ruling monarch that lives in the capital city and subsequent planets are governed by members of the noble families, the inhabitants are also technologically advanced and friendly by nature.

To get there; Outsiders will need to travel to its wormhole by spaceship only and depending on the technology level of the system the person is from, the opening of a wormhole is normally big news since it causes an interference to all electronics and machines. Are you ready to explore the galaxy?


Elementa © Vinh Tsan (Toran-Redheart) / 11 February 2010 - 2017.