About the Scenario:

Elementa is an original fantasy/science fiction role play setting that takes place in a galaxy of the same name, it focuses on the internal affairs of the main planets in each of the solar systems:

Are you willing to go through the effort of helping each of the system's main planets with its problems?

About the Setting:

Elementa is a galaxy that is located at the centre of the universe and is recognised to be the first, it has twelve solar systems where each one has a number of worlds within and they are: The Fysikós System with one planet, The Mageía System with two planets, The Gi System with three planets, The Ilektrismós System with four planets, The Fotiá System with five planets, The Págos System with six planets, The Neró System with seven planets, The Aéras System with eight planets, The Fos System with nine planets, The Skotádi System with ten planets, The Pnévma System with eleven planets and The Sýmpan System with twelve planets.

The Sýmpan System is also the main solar system for the galaxy as they were the ones who founded The Alliance of Elementa, and made several structures that dot the landscape in space which includes; the Diethnés Diastimikós Stathmós (the main international space station that handles all entry into the galaxy), the Enosi Archigeío (the primary building that houses the affairs of The Alliance), the Elementa Agorá (an international marketplace), the Elementa Fylakí (a prison that houses the most dangerous criminals with no chance of parole), the Elementa Nafpigeío (an international shipyard that makes and sells ships) and Elementa Xenodocheio (an international hotel that provides a great boost to the galaxy's economy).

The inhabitants of Elementa are called Elementan, while those from outside the galaxy are called Outsiders. The length of time it takes to advance to the next stage is thirty million years, which is the equivalent to 30 years in our timescale. The language collectively has the same name as the demonym and is composed of English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Latin and Swedish. The technology level across the galaxy is very high and their heavenly realm of Theótita is called Allilepidró, which is ruled over by the twelve elemental deities.

The setting was inspired by the following franchises: Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Street Fighter and Tekken. It began development on the 11th of February 2010 and has been an ongoing project for Vincentius, who continues to improve upon the setting every now and then. It will have its own game series in the near future, where Vincentius plans to release five main games and five spin-offs.